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Anonymous asked: Hi I'm a ballet dancer and I'm having a problem with my weight. I really am having a problem with losing and keeping my weight. Every time I look at the scale I just want to cry. I'm a huge emotional eater and I really don't know how to control my eating. Do you know any tips to help my emotional eating?

Hey dear sorry to hear your having problems D: I find this link has great suggests for emotional eaters like yourself :3 good luck and keep dancing!

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I do tag my post as “thinspo” and other such tags… This is NOT a thinspo blog. This is a alternative route to thinspo, please choose the healthy and safe way to lose weight, feel good about yourself etc… If you are having trouble with a eating disorder please get help from your local gp or a parent or guardian.
Thank you!
Antifat :3 xx

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Anonymous asked: I'm 15 and last year I had an eating disorder which was really hard to get out of. I remember the only thing I would put in my body was diet coke and water. However I've overcame the ED and started to eat again and noticed if gained lots of weight, but you couldn't tell by physical appearance. I now don't go on the scales, and I am quite happy with myself. But I don't like the way my legs kind of jiggle, I would like more muscle then fat what should I do? (I am a runner also)