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hanna--- asked: hi im thinking about going vegan or vegiterian but I play 2 sports and im really concerned about how I could consume protein. what are some good sources of vegan protein?

You go girl! I am a vegetarian and I can tell you I have NO problems with protein :3 My fave protein vegan and vegetarian protein boost are soy beans i.e. edamama! you boil them in hot water then eat the beans with a little salt and the best part? They have more protein pound by pound then chicken! Good Luck! xx

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Anonymous asked: I'm a 17 year old boy how much should I weigh?

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Anonymous asked: I'm 5'4" and weigh 136 lbs. I don't really have a goal weight, I just want to get my stomach flat and toned and tone up my body without losing my boobs. Any suggestions on exercises and dieting?

Serious stuff this… First things first unless you are severely over weight is unlikely that you will lose… boob weight… Exercise wise pick something out from my many posts and do a few of them there is a large range. Dieting just eat healthy no fast foods and limited sweets including soft drinks or fizzy drinks good luck xxFrogman Men In Black 3 Gif

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Anonymous asked: Hi, i'm 14. I am 5'4 and my weight is about 120 lbs. I really just want to tone my thighs and stomach. What exercises would target those areas?


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Anonymous asked: Hello! I have the Spring musical auditions in about six months, and while I'm not fat, I have fat on me that's unflattering. Do you know of any great workouts for toning my entire body in six months? Also, I want to eat healthy, but my family doesn't really do that, how can I talk to my mom about eating healthy?

Crazy Rave Dancing Dog GifDancing… dance heaps. As for your family, you could say you are going vegetarian, vegan or try to talk to them about healthy alternatives good luck :3 xx

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Anonymous asked: Hii!! I'm thinking about starting boxing for fun (in addition to swim team) and I'm also starting to run for cross-country skiing. Any advice/motivation? And is boxing a good way to lose weight and get toned?

You go girl this is me cheering for you! :D xx

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jenjo16 asked: Hello I'm 5'8 and I weigh about 150 any suggestions on how I should loose weight id like to get down to 120-130.

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